Dates: September 26-28, 2019 

The location: Lake Delavan, Wisconsin

meals and shared room included 

This will be an Experience of Being Retreat like no other!


The Intuitive Body Process - you will experience giving and receiving these powerful, self expanding processes.  

The power of being in a group that is open, authentic and growing.  This will be a group of men and women that are dedicated to knowing their innate possibilities and getting the most out of their life experience.

You will experience your own Internal Guidance System and how to tap into it on a moment by moment basis.  Essentially, it is your 'guide book' for the most expansive life possible. 

You will be given tools to take away in order to continue to play with what is available for your life.  

You will learn how to leave behind hard, difficult, lonely and overwhelmed for a life that is filled with freedom, creation, fulfillment and connection. 

You will learn how to build life upon the Relational Foundation that is a springboard for everything else.

You will walk away with a trust in your intuition, knowing and being that will set the path for everything else.  

You will learn how emotions and sensations house within them invitations that most people shut off, but that you can utilize to exponentialize your choices.


Do you consider yourself someone with a huge heart, extra aware of others, sensitive to needs/thoughts/emotions and sometimes that feels like more of a burden than a gift?

Do you find that though you are amazing at pleasing others, it doesn't always serve your best interest and many times you are left in their wake?

Have you noticed a stubborness inside that demands that you listen to your internal voice even when it means you don't fit in or you are left completely out?

Do you have kids or a partner that have a huge heart, extra sensitivity, inability to 'fit in' or 'follow the rules' and you just want to know how to show up for them as a contribution?

Is there someone that you desire to grow with but you haven't found a way to do it effectively and expansively? 

Are you asking to deepen your intuition and trust in your abilities?  


Are you asking to go even deeper in your relationships or your ability to create your future?  


Are you looking at how you can guide your kids or clients to an even more fulfilling and empowered life?  


Are you looking to expand your tribe of truly delectable beings that reflect your light?

Are you are looking for other people that support and reflect your desire to do things differently, bigger and in ways that you haven't seen before?

Are you are looking for ways to move in the direction of your dreams with more ease and speed? 

Are you desiring your life choices to be a contribution to yourself and all concerned?

If you would like to know, with certainty, which choices that are available to you will create the most in your life.  

If you have a buringing desire to make a difference in this world with your actions and who you are on a grander scale than has been possible so far.  




Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Thursday and Friday. 

Breakfast on Saturday.

Shared room at the resort. (with 1 other person)

Pool passes for all 3 pools.

Exercise room pass.  

Bonfires available each night that there is not rain. 

Hotel entertainment TBD.




This retreat is for 16 men and women who are ready to have the life that they have always known is possible.  

These retreats have been women focused in the past, but by popular demand, we are including the amazing men in our world this time! 


It is for 16 who are ready to have a life that is even BETTER than what they could dream.  


It is for 16 who desire for each moment of their life to be ones that are worth showing up for, waking up for and acknowledging.  

Are you ready for a whole life that you are in awe of and that truly exemplifies your innate being?!?

Is your spirit telling you that you are one of the 16?  Don't hesistate to reserve your spot.  

Beyond This Reality LLC


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Chicagoland area.

Artist and Wholeness Coach 

utilizing :

The Intuitive Body Process​

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Certified Life Coach through QSCA

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