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They say that pictures say a thousand words...

When I look back at pictures from years ago, I know that hidden behind the smile was the thoughts and emotions of someone who felt trapped and useless.  I tried all the positive thoughts and read all the books and sought all the help of those who seemed to have the answers, but they all guided me in a way that worked for them, but somehow wasn't quite right for me.  They would say things like....'Nothing good comes without some pain' or 'You only appreciate the good if you have gone through tragedy' or 'It's only because of the darkness that you can see the light.'   All of this meant that I kept holding onto the darkness, the heavy and the pain because it seemed to allow or validate the beauty, happiness, and light in my life.  


The photos to the left are ones where the smile reaches through every cell of my body and expands into the space around my life.  It is a life that I live now that is nothing like I ever thought possible.  I do live in a space of fun, joy and ever-increasing abundance.  It is not a hope or something to seek.  It is my choice and what I create in each moment.  It is not positive thinking....it is.  Would you like to live like this?  It is totally possible and freaking amazing!!


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Beyond definition

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In 2006 I nearly died with from HELLP syndrome, looking back, it is a perfect name for where I was at in my life.  My body was screaming for help and I wasn't listening, so it gave me one final scream and I started heeding it and began a long road to change.  1 out of 4 women die from HELLP and 3 out of 4 have long term organ complications.  I am well and vibrant.  This was the beginning of my journey to find tools that unleashed my life in every way.  On the journey though, my (now ex) husband had an affair, my marriage ended, the rebuilding of communion in order to co-parent, lost both of my parents, nearly died myself, I let go of my W2 job, walked into entrepreneurial work, studied and was certified in Law of Attraction Coaching, Metaphysics, Access Consciousness, and plant-based medicines.  
Through it, all my greatest teachers have been my body, my children, my choices and each reflection of self that I see in others.  I am the founder of the Intuitive Body Technique and teach how to tap into the Internal Guidance System.  I offer private sessions and certifications for those who would like to tap into the infinite knowledge of our Body's Consciousness and bring it to others.  
Being able to bring this way of life to people is life-changing for me.  Our body has a loud and beautiful way of communicating with us.  It brings us the invitation to receive more, be more and acknowledge more.  Please let go of the lesson and open up to the possibility of an invitation that could allow you more in life than you ever dreamed possible.  
Are you ready to change the chain of events that are showing up in your life?   Are you ready to have a life that is filled with satisfaction, fulfillment, achievement, and connection?  Contact me right away and let's open the vault of receiving and true fulfillment! Life doesn't have to be so hard, draining and colorless.  Find out how to create the life of YOUR desires and include everyone you love! 

What's in it for you?

The Intuitive Body Technique 

Listening to your body's internal guidance system

I use tools from my certifications in Law of Attraction, Access Consciousness, and Metaphysics alongside awareness which is the most powerful tool of tapping into your internal guidance system.   Your acknowledgment of your ability to create the life you desire is the foundation.   I have been a certified coach since 2011 and it has been my honor and pleasure to help many people break down the walls of self-doubt and walk into the space of their ability to create a life BEYOND their dreams.  Are you ready for real change, real joy, real ease, and real abundance?  


This is a partnership.  If you are ready to change your reality and to tap into your potency, then I am your girl!  We will see how much fun, ease, and joy we can have while unlocking the floodgates of receiving in your life.  Ready to release what is getting in the way? is now the time?   Why wait?  What if there is so much more than you could ever imagine waiting to be gifted to your life?  Would you be willing to open the door and receive?  What if it could be that ease filled?  Would that put a smile on your face?


I help women who feel like they have lived their lives for everyone else, providing, guiding and achieving and yet feel like they are drained and colorless because they have not connected to their own vibrancy and life force. Most are struggling in their relationships in one capacity or another or feeling like they don't matter except for the usefulness. I show them that living from their center does not detract from their families, it actually adds to it and gives everyone more.  They walk away with deepened relationships with your body, your soul, your family, and your clients.  Those relationships affect everything from health to financial gains. 


There are no rose colored glasses here.  This is all about truly creating the life you love living to the point of overflowing smiles, laughs and abundance! 


Please schedule a conversation to ask questions about how I work and to share what you are ready to change and expand in your life, please click the link below.  




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Jennifer Conley

Owner at High Vibrational Life

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Wellness Coach and Chicago Mastermind & Tantra Dating Facilitator

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Ghost Writer

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Beyond This Reality LLC


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