August 29, 2019

When clients show up to work with me, many times they are at their last resort.

They feel like it is monumental to even reach out, let alone think that things could change for them.

They are hoping and praying that working with me will be different from all the other choices they have made so far that, at best, didn’t change anything and, at worst, created more unease, pressure, pain, & anxiety etc.

Recently, I had a client show up who had lost their direction, lost their sense of self, and meaningful connection with others. Their life was a spinning out of control and their body was waging war against them with pain, disfunction and more.

What happens when you are used to being the rock for everyone else and yet the rock starts to crumble?

They knew they were the rock for others and felt useful, but somehow that made them feel used and like they didn’t really matter in themselves anymore. They had lost all sense of themselves and how to continue to function with fulfillment in day to day l...

December 16, 2018

The power in being exposed for all that you are.

December 11, 2018

I have taken to staying in bed after my alarm goes off.  I do it with intention.  Before I ever set my feet on the ground for the day I find that staying in bed a bit longer affects everything. 

I used to want to stay in bed longer because I was avoiding my life, my job and many things that I didn't desire.  It took making 'grand canyon sized leap-of-faiths' to change that.  I leaped from working a solid, well paying, insurance providing, vacation weeks included job to being the navigator of my own dreams, without all those so-called securities.  

So, now the extra few minutes in my bed in the morning bring me a new kind of security.  

So, what is so special about staying in bed?!  The moment I wake up, I move into gratitude and I actually lay there and breathe into my body slowly.  As I breathe, I give thanks for every cell in my body and how it has supported me.  Then I envision it being vibrant and whole and filled with vitality.   

So, as I breathe th...

December 7, 2018

Below is a letter I wrote to a friend and she prompted me to share it with all of you.  I hope this is an invitation for deeper understanding of yourself. 

The Letter:

Problems are always invitations to more.  I know this and yet I have given in to a few of them lately and crouched under the weight of them.  

Instead I have begun talking to them.  

Pain, unease and discomfort in my body....what are you inviting me to?  What blessings would you like to gift to me if I would stop trying to fix you and stop begrudging you and being angered and saddened by you?  What if I danced and thanked you for the pain that kept me up at night and delighted that soon you will reveal to me the multitude of blessings that you are and how you are guiding me to the life that I desire not away from it.  

Reclusiveness and obstinance - oh how I chide myself for constantly rebelling and being obstinate about so many things from words that drive me crazy to going all into a group and then suddenly w...

September 21, 2018

I was at a networking meeting recently and one of the members mentioned that he was looking for power partners in his business.  The term piqued the interest of many who were interested in what that looked like.  He went on to explain that a power partner is about 2 people who are mutually beneficial to each other in referring business that contributes to each other's clients.  

This got me to thinking about friendships and love relationships and the concept that no one enjoys a needy partner, but no one really defines what someone is looking for in a solid partnership.  

These days, I notice that people have gone to such an extreme to not appear needy that they become so independent that they are lonely and their 'partner' feels unappreciated and disconnected.  Their barriers are up so high that they may as well be doing it all on their own with only someone there to witness the massive feats they are accomplishing.  If we are truly only going for an audience, okay, but I sens...

July 5, 2018

I am sitting here right now wondering, 'What happens when I am not enough, ever?'     I am asking it clearly and out loud because it has been this grumble that has been murmuring and whispering at me for weeks.  Do you ever hear it?  Does it send you on a wild chase, wondering where it is coming from and then it reveals almost every area of your life where you can't quite be what you would like to be, not quite create what you would to create or not quite do what you would like to do?  It is all this 'not quite' thing and try as you might you just always almost succeed only to walk away with the compensation prize.  

What is that?  Who can we blame for this inner tormentor?  Society, our parents, our teachers, our spouse, the media, our ex spouse?  I mean we have to blame someone for the voice right?  Some would even say the devil or demon entities.   I am guessing you are like me though, you've realized that blaming changes nothing.  Giving someone else cr...

May 20, 2018

Just because it looks like you have everything going for you and if you were asked to write a gratitude list, you know that you could fill up pages, does not mean that you escape the moments where you would rather not be alive.  Those moments may even bleed into hours and maybe ooze into days where the desire to escape this reality seems like the only desire you truly have.  

You may even be wondering how it is possible to have so much to be thankful for and yet to feel like you have nothing to live for.  There are those that share: where gratitude is fear cannot be, nor doubt or limitation.  True as that is, the space of gratitude does not always bear the birthplace for future hope, nor the space of belonging.  

Our bodies are this incredible, connected space of energy and consciousness.  To me it is really a network of pulses and messages that is interconnected with all that is.  It is no wonder that at times the wires get crossed, overloaded or even shut down for a...

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December 16, 2018

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