the Remote Intuitive Body Process Certif

As a coach,  healer, or heartbeat of your home.. 

  • Do you ever feel alone?

  • Do you ever wonder where your safe place exists to share your struggles, successes and questions?

  • Are you longing for a place that isn't filled with expectations, responsibilites or judgments?

  • Are you hoping for support and a place to bounce ideas off other women so that you can find out own voice and way through the myriad of responsibilities in your life?

  • Are you looking for those all important invitations of self care that come in as a blessing, rather than 'another thing to add to your list'?

What's included

What will be included:

  • 3 LIVE 15 minute FB LIVE/Zoom calls per week M, W, F from 915-930am CST - Your choice where you show up! 

  • Those calls will be recorded and stored in the PRIVATE FB GROUP

  • A community that you can choose to interact and bond with for the duration of your membership

  • A community that is bonded by the desire to create a meaningful and nurturing experience in life and to help each other navigate the roadblocks. 

  • Each month will have a different theme.  March  will be all about Blossoming!  

  • Rise into your power within your parenting, 

  • intimate and work relationships

  • and find out how much ease, grace and connection you truly can create!   It is time to be the energy that pulls life in with ease and magic!


Registration is easy.  

There is a

7 day FREE trial!

after that it is

it is only $30

per month.  It is a subscription and can be cancelled at anytime for future months.

Why is it so cheap?  I mean isn't it a lot of my time. And if you are paying attention to most of my fees, this would run about $500-$620 a month if done privately.  That is the power of community! 

And YES it is inexpensive, but my heart desires to help as the women who are here to impact the world and invite others to a place of love and healing that transcends the space that most people are existing in right now.  

Supporting the healers, coaches, moms and servants of this world, is my greatest desires and I know that it will aid in the transformation we are all looking for!   If I am describing your heart and soul, then you have found your home.  


My desire is to shift the way that people experience life, so that more people are in the flow of meaning, fulfillment and connection and pulling the power back from struggles, exhaustion and overwhelm.


Navigating life can be hard,  but if we band together, something altogether different is possible! 


  • Do I have to attend at 915am CST?

  • No, because all the calls are recorded and  can be viewed at anytime during the day in the private FB group.

  • Will I be seen if I show up to the LIVE call?
    No. You have the ability to type your questions and comments to interact, but you will not be visible unless you choose to turn on your camera for the zoom call.

  • How long will I have access to these videos?
    As long as you are a member. 

  • What if I can attend some of the LIVE calls and not all of them?

  • That is fine. This is supposed to be something that supports your life and not an additional stress. The videos will be there for you whenever you have a moment to watch. 

  • Can I request help or share what I am struggling with?

  • Yes, you can post it in the group or message me to add the subject to one of the upcoming FBlives. And, of course, if you need additional support, I am avaiable for private sessions.  However, you will be amazed how much support you receive in this group.  It is transformative! 

Is it time to honor YOU?  

Could you spare 15 minutes, 3 times a week, to show up to a space that will support you as you live a life in support of others?  

    In this group we will:


  • Hold space for each other. That means to leave judgment outside and to actually send nurturing kindness to each other. It also means to ask questions rather than advise. When we ask questions we honor the infinite knower in each other. (There is zero tolerance for unkindness)​

  • During my videos I will lean in on the things that will nurture, expand and support in CREATING a life and relationships that are expansive, kind and where you matter deeply. 

  • Interaction in the group is HIGHLY recommended! This is a safe space with incredibly lovely people joining already. If you cannot interact because your time is limited, that is fine too! Ask questions, share struggles, celebrations and celebrate and support others. 

  • The desire: Come as you are - leave knowing you ARE supported to carry on serving as a mom, partner, coach, healer and/or energy worker! 

  • Thank you for honoring me to be part of your life.

Mary Burton

 Design Manager

This group came to me at the most important time that it could have. I'm grateful to you Tara for your deep wisdom and for this group of supportive women. It has been a lifeline and has fed my soul in a multitude of ways.

Jamie Bennett

Mom & Educator

 I’ve been seen and heard by you Tara and others, and to me that is the greatest gift I can get.  I’ve also had huge shifts in my relationship with my husband in these first few days of the new year and it’s quite obvious to me that it’s bc I’m becoming more aware of my body and listening to it. I’m not sure I’m really even doing that much more “work” other than letting your messages really sink into my awareness by writing about them and listening to them 2 or 3 times. It doesn’t take much much when your spirit is ready and the right energies come along!


Danica Albano

Marketing Specialist

This was a wonderful group and I felt safe being able to open up and not being judged. Your messages were spot on and helped so much. I have been telling so many people about this group and how it helped me see and do things in a different (more productive) way.

spider meka.jpg

Meka Hemmons

Owner of SpiderMeka Photography

 Your authenticity, Tara. I’m inundated with energies who do similar work wanting to attract my attention/participation/trust so often... Where you come from is a genuine place, a comfortable place, a place of honoring and extension... and so much more that there isn’t room enough here to list. I’m grateful for you and the way you’ve chosen to be present in this world.

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